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The sweetness, color, smell, taste are the factors that attract us towards the ice cream. There is a reason. Ice cream is one of the foods that are most sweetened and included fat and contain the artificial colors. Moreover, also it is very cold. Uncontrolled eating of the ice cream can cause many health problems in an individual. Unwanted mixtures of many villains enter the body without your permission while having an ice cream. Experts in health pointed that you should be careful when eating an ice cream. These articles shows how they affect the health

When to eat ice cream?

The time for eating the ice cream is also specified. It is better to get rid of eating ice cream in the afternoon. Say no to the ice creams when you are sweating. The reason is when you are sweating having whatever cold food items like ice cream can increase the possibilities of getting infections. Moreover, also, can cause diseases such as a sore throat, fever, tonsillitis, and sinusitis. It is better to have the ice cream until the afternoon. After eating do not go out in sunlight or play outside or work hard. After having dinner do not eat ice cream. While sleeping the body is not doing any activities, so the fat accumulates and can cause many health problems and can cause obesity in an individual. Also, it is not good to eat ice cream in winter seasons.

How much to eat?

The sweetness contained in ice cream is the greatest challenge to a person who eats. For the body of a healthy person, only 25 grams of sugar needed per day. That is a maximum of five tbsp sugar. By this, the body receives about 100 calories. However, a cup of ice cream contains about 4-5 tbsp sugar. By this way, your body is getting 400-500 calories. An excessive amount of sugar converted to the fat. When there is no exercise, the harmful will double. When the fiber fractions removed, it will more affect your body. Some of the brands are adding syrups to get more sweetness. This a corn syrup which has more fructose. It is not good for the normal activities of the body.

Eating ice cream regularly is also harmful. Special interest towards the sweetness can create more production of chemical messengers like serotonin. It will give you freshness and stimulation to the body however it is not good for the health. Eating more sweet can cause learning disability, problems in behavior and change in character. Accumulation of fat in the body not only cause obesity also cause heart diseases. Health experts say that eating ice cream for two days and more than two cups in a week can cause health problems

How to eat?

Ice cream is always good to eat by licking. Ice creams kept in minus 27-degree Celsius. A cold thing like ice cream will not be compatible with the temperature of the human body. So it is better to eat slowly after dissolving well. Chewing ice cream is not good for the health of teeth. Similarly, when it reaches as cold in the throat, there are chances for infections and fever. There is an assumption that drinking hot water after eating ice cream is good for the health. Drinking hot water is wrong however having it is harmful to the body and also for the throat.

What kind should eat?

There are lots of ice creams in the market. Do not forget the thing that ‘not all the ice creams are not ice creams.’ Many of the tastes and colors are very attractive. Without selecting a less expensive one, it is better to buy the product from an authorized brand. It will be better to eat fruit salad by adding fruits with the ice cream. By having ice cream like this, the body will get lots of fibers and antioxidants which included in the fruits. Do not add artificial colors to make the ice cream more attractive and this can cause dangerous diseases like cancer. Try to avoid the ice cream which added with more color. Products which made with milk and that less included of edible vegetable oil should give more priority. Ice creams that added with preservative should also avoid. Study the recipes that can make at home and serve it to the family.

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