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Health Benefits Of Eating Lemon Peel

Health Benefits Of Eating Lemon Peel

Lemon is not only delicious, but also they are good for the health of skin and the hair. We usually throw away the peel of the lemon after squeezing the juice. However, before throwing away the peel, you should think twice.  The protein included in the lemon is more than five to ten times in the lemon peel. Lemon peel is a treasure of lots of vitamins, minerals, calcium, fibers, potassium, vitamin c which awakens the nutritious of the human body.
Lemons are a favorite all over the world and an essential food in kitchens around the world. They are beneficial both for human health and skin. They have also been used in many beauty products. They’re good for adding flavor to food.

Prevents the cancer

Lemon peels can prevent cancer. Salvatrol, limolin which are included in the lemon peel is the compound that helps to prevent cancer. Drinking tea by putting peels in it can prevent the growth of cancer cells. The body which is acidic in nature, cancer will spread quickly. Lemon peels are alkaline, so these can balance the pH level in the body of an individual. Lemon peels can prevent the bacteria and fungus. When the lemon is used directly in the body, the lower PH used for the body’s magnetic field.

Strengthen the bones

Lemon peels contain increased amount of vitamin c and calcium, so these will help to strengthen the bones. Bone related diseases such as  inflammatory polyarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and  osteoporosis can also prevent

Teeth health

Deficiency of the vitamin c can cause diseases such as scurvy, blood coming from the gum of teeth, puss in the gum. There are a lot of citric acids included in the lemon peel, so this will solve the deficiency of vitamin c in an individual. Common dental problems can also be solved.

Helps in weight loss

Most of the people do not know that lemon peels can promote the weight loss. Pectin that is included in the peels of lemon is the compound that helps in the weight loss.

Treats oxidative stress

 The high amount of citrus bio-flavonoids included in the lemon peel can decrease the oxidative stress in the body of an individual.

Reduce the chance of heart-related diseases

Polyphenol flavonoids included in the lemon peel will decrease the level of cholesterol in the body. Potassium in the lemon peel will decrease the blood pressure, more than that reducing the cholesterol can also decrease the chances of heart diseases and heart attacks.

Prevent skin diseases

Using lemon peel can prevent skin related diseases such as acne, dark spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Because of they are rich in anti oxidants can also help in detoxifying of the skin

Improves immunity and digestion

Lemon peels are helpful for the improving of immunity and can get more accurate digestion in an individual. Fibers included in the lemon peels will promote digestion .vitamin c will prevent infections.

Strengthen the blood vessels

vitamin p included in the lemon is used for stopping the internal bleeding. Moreover also used for decreasing the increased blood pressure

Other Health Benefits

There are many other health benefits and uses for the lemon peels like curing ear infections, cleansing the liver, improving blood circulation, prevention of strokes, strengthening capillaries, reducing muscles contraction and much more.

How to eat lemon peels

You will be wondering how to eat the lemon peels here is a way you can eat the peels. Keep the lemon peels in the freezer till they freeze. Grate them into small pieces. You can add these to different food items like salad, tea and can also have it with by adding some sugar. This is one of the best ways that you can get both the health benefits and taste from the lemon peels

Tips on lemon peels

cook the lemon peels in the microwave oven. Mix well and eat with pepper and salt.
Dry and grind the lemon peels, using this on the face will help you to get a soft face.
Cut the lemon and lemon peel and put this on the water and keep on the refrigerator. By this method, you can keep the lemon and peels fresh. You can use it when needed.
How Broccoli Can Prevent Diabetics

How Broccoli Can Prevent Diabetics

Eating broccoli can control the diabetic disease. A compound in broccoli will help to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. 300 million of people in the world affected by the type 2 diabetes. A medicine named metformin which helps to reduce the amount of sugar in blood will affect the kidney so that 15% of the people cannot use this medicine. Researcher Annika Axelson conducted the research, and the team realized the compounds that make changes in gene expression which is related to the type 2 diabetics and prevents the people with diabetes. They made a computational approach for the study. 97 people who have affected the people with type 2 diabetes given the broccoli extract. control group has given a placebo.

The body’s blood glucose level is low as compared to the control group. Except for the control group the people who have obesity has lowered the fasting blood glucose. Sulforaphane a compound included in the broccoli reduce the glucose in the blood. Cabbage which is a cruciferous vegetable also has the sulforaphane included in it. Sulforaphane which has less side effect and which can easily obtain from the broccoli can also replace the current treatment for type 2 diabetics. The study result is helpful for the type 2 diabetics patients who have obesity. Extract of sprouted broccoli eating in the form of food helpful for the people who have the increased amount of glucose in the blood. The study published in the journal of science translational medicine.

Diabetes is a disease which needs to be dealt with proper medication if it occurs to someone. In this case, the patient prescribed to take an insulin; even he sometimes suffers lots of health issues too. However, it can be controlled mainly through the daily diabetes diet. So, one must maintain a healthy diet to get control over the glucose levels in the body. It keeps the patient stay healthy and improve the immunity of his body. A registered dietitian or a doctor can help you to make an eating plan. For making a diet should take into account your medicines, weight, lifestyle, and other health problems that you have.

Health benefits of broccoli

  • Helps to reduce the weight
  • Vitamin A & C can help to cure the cancer
  • Improves the health of eye
  • Beneficial for an individual with High Blood Pressure
  • Prevents the cold
  • Fights the congenital disabilities
  • Helps in fighting cancer.
  • Improves the bone health.
  • Broccoli helps you in look younger.
  • Improves the digestion.
  • Broccoli helps in the detoxifying body.
  • Helps in protection from chronic diseases, and a lot more

Broccoli contains vitamins and nutrients which are very good for the health of an individual. Broccoli counted in the world’s healthiest foods. However, kids like them to be out of their plates, they are one of the best food that helps you treat many diseases by adding them to your daily diet. Broccoli contains 12 Vitamins, 11 Minerals, all the Essential Amino Acids and the Phytochemicals known as Flavonoids, Quercetin, and Lutein. Broccoli could be said to be one of the ultimate geniuses of the natural world.

Eating Walnut For Better Health

Eating Walnut For Better Health

Eating the walnut has lots of benefits. Studies have proved that walnut can control the appetite and also prevents rectal cancer ( cancer of the rectum). One more reason for adding walnut to the diet, eating half a cup that is 58 gram daily will keep the digestive system healthy. Eating this will increase the number of bacteria in the stomach. Increasing the number of good probiotic bacteria is good for the digestive system. The diversity of bacteria associated with good health, but the decrease in their diversity will cause obesity, inflammatory bowel disease in an individual said by the researcher Lauri Byerley, Ph.D., RD, Research Associate Professor of Physiology department at Louisiana State University in the United States. The study conducted in rats.

Two ounces in humans that is, they gave the powdered walnut which is equivalent to the half of cup given to the rats. Some of the rats given food without Walnut included in it for ten weeks. Both of the diet group were having the same calorie. Except for the group that did not use the walnut, the group which had walnut has seen an increase in the number of bacteria such as Lactobacillus, Roseburia, and Ruminococcus. The health of the stomach related to the health of other parts of the body. Walnut will let the bacteria in the stomach to grow and change to probiotic, and this helps the health of the digestive system.

Walnut is good for the health of heart and brain also. Moreover, also reduces the chances of cancer in an individual. The benefits are because of the bio active compounds included in it. Further studies required for knowing the changes in human said of the study published in the journal of nutritional biochemistry.The alpha linolenic acid(ALA) which is an omega three fatty acid obtained from plants can also get sufficient quantity from only one nut, that is walnut. Also, one ounce contains two gram of fibers and four grams of protein. It is sure that you will get a better digestive system if you add walnut which contains lots of protein also to your diet. Walnuts provide some nutritional benefits.

They are good sources of omega-3 and monounsaturated fats, which help keep your heart healthy. Also, they also lower the level of LDL cholesterol in your body and helps to build up your body’s resistance against cancer thanks to their rich antioxidant content.Walnuts are one of the nutritious nuts to be had every day. For a vegetarian, nuts like walnuts can supply most of the vitamin B, phosphorus, iron, copper, potassium, and protein. Walnut is also rich in Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) like omega three fatty acids. Both Vitamin E and EFA is known to be good antioxidants and helps to prevent blockages thereby protecting the heart. Walnuts can consume as such or with salads to give that extra crunch.

Benefits of Walnut

  • Helps the weight loss
  • Prevents the heart disease
  • Prevents the diabetes
  • Boost your sperm quality
  • Can keep dementia at bay
  • Prevents the pancreatic cancer
  • Helps you live longer Great for pregnant women
  • Reduces the breast cancer risk
  • Helps to prevent forming of kidney stone
  • Increases the Immunity
  • Improves the Brain health
  • For Constipation and better digestive system
Excess Eating French Fries Can Leads To Death

Excess Eating French Fries Can Leads To Death

Those who do not like to eat French fries are very few, and kids are simply addicted to fried foods. French fries considered as the unhealthiest foods that people eat regularly. They make you fat and increase the risk of serious health conditions. Also, they contain many suspicious preservatives which are one more reason why you should not eat them. We know that it is not so good for the health, but when you see them you will go mouth watering, and you will go to buy them for sure. Before buying the french fries, you should read the study published in the American journal of clinical nutrition. Eating the french fries twice in a week can cause many health problems in an individual. Eating the fried potato can increase the chances of death.

The study was done for seven years on potato usage in 4400 people who are 49 to 79 years old. At the end of the study period, 236 people were dead. Eating potato does not increase the chances of death in an individual. When observed how the people are eating the potato saw that they usually eat them as fried potato, french fries, and hash browns eating this twice in a week can increase the chances of death of an individual. Eating fried potatoes salad, eating boiled or baked potatoes have no link for the chances of death. Eating proper and right kind of potatoes that not fried is a healthy food because they contain more fibers.

Do you still love french fries?

Vitamins and proteins included in the potatoes will help to balance the high Glycemic index. However, researchers said that in fried potato, there is a lot of salt and fat included in it. The study has to do with more people till that Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion specified the amount that is three to five times should eat the vegetables, researchers commented. Studies say that individual should eat food which is less in fat such as vegetable and should avoid the food that fried. French fries that are homemade is better than you buy from different restaurants. The saturated fat present in French fries increases the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Partially hydrogenated oil is repeatedly heated to create fried goodness.

In the commercial eateries, the cooking oil is changed just once in two weeks and reheating oil increases the amount of cancer causing ingredients. While potatoes are a good source of carbohydrate, frying it makes it very harmful and robs them of their vitamins and minerals. Many fried foods contain trans fat, which is extremely dangerous for your heart health. Moreover, vegetarians may shock by the fact that some fast food restaurant owners use beef flavorings that contain hydrolyzed wheat and milk.The frozen French fries are once fried before the freezing, then once again after the delivery to the restaurant. How potatoes are unhealthy.? depends on what you add to the potato that makes it unhealthy so remember to eat the potatoes healthily. I would recommend natural saturated fats for frying the potatoes.


How Ice Cream Affects the Health

How Ice Cream Affects the Health

The sweetness, color, smell, taste are the factors that attract us towards the ice cream. There is a reason. Ice cream is one of the foods that are most sweetened and included fat and contain the artificial colors. Moreover, also it is very cold. Uncontrolled eating of the ice cream can cause many health problems in an individual. Unwanted mixtures of many villains enter the body without your permission while having an ice cream. Experts in health pointed that you should be careful when eating an ice cream. These articles shows how they affect the health

When to eat ice cream?

The time for eating the ice cream is also specified. It is better to get rid of eating ice cream in the afternoon. Say no to the ice creams when you are sweating. The reason is when you are sweating having whatever cold food items like ice cream can increase the possibilities of getting infections. Moreover, also, can cause diseases such as a sore throat, fever, tonsillitis, and sinusitis. It is better to have the ice cream until the afternoon. After eating do not go out in sunlight or play outside or work hard. After having dinner do not eat ice cream. While sleeping the body is not doing any activities, so the fat accumulates and can cause many health problems and can cause obesity in an individual. Also, it is not good to eat ice cream in winter seasons.

How much to eat?

The sweetness contained in ice cream is the greatest challenge to a person who eats. For the body of a healthy person, only 25 grams of sugar needed per day. That is a maximum of five tbsp sugar. By this, the body receives about 100 calories. However, a cup of ice cream contains about 4-5 tbsp sugar. By this way, your body is getting 400-500 calories. An excessive amount of sugar converted to the fat. When there is no exercise, the harmful will double. When the fiber fractions removed, it will more affect your body. Some of the brands are adding syrups to get more sweetness. This a corn syrup which has more fructose. It is not good for the normal activities of the body.

Eating ice cream regularly is also harmful. Special interest towards the sweetness can create more production of chemical messengers like serotonin. It will give you freshness and stimulation to the body however it is not good for the health. Eating more sweet can cause learning disability, problems in behavior and change in character. Accumulation of fat in the body not only cause obesity also cause heart diseases. Health experts say that eating ice cream for two days and more than two cups in a week can cause health problems

How to eat?

Ice cream is always good to eat by licking. Ice creams kept in minus 27-degree Celsius. A cold thing like ice cream will not be compatible with the temperature of the human body. So it is better to eat slowly after dissolving well. Chewing ice cream is not good for the health of teeth. Similarly, when it reaches as cold in the throat, there are chances for infections and fever. There is an assumption that drinking hot water after eating ice cream is good for the health. Drinking hot water is wrong however having it is harmful to the body and also for the throat.

What kind should eat?

There are lots of ice creams in the market. Do not forget the thing that ‘not all the ice creams are not ice creams.’ Many of the tastes and colors are very attractive. Without selecting a less expensive one, it is better to buy the product from an authorized brand. It will be better to eat fruit salad by adding fruits with the ice cream. By having ice cream like this, the body will get lots of fibers and antioxidants which included in the fruits. Do not add artificial colors to make the ice cream more attractive and this can cause dangerous diseases like cancer. Try to avoid the ice cream which added with more color. Products which made with milk and that less included of edible vegetable oil should give more priority. Ice creams that added with preservative should also avoid. Study the recipes that can make at home and serve it to the family.

Eating Fish can Make You Intelligent

Eating Fish can Make You Intelligent

There are lots of ways to make the children eat the food. They will eat if we change the color, smell or the taste of the food. What about people in adolescence? Adolescence is a period which eats the food they like. However, studies say that eating food that we like is not good for the health. Health will be according to the food we eat. Food such as fish, soybean, walnut should include in the menu of the adolescent’s aged peoples. Eating fish can have many benefits like it is load with essential nutrients, such as vitamin D and protein. Fish is also the world’s best source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are incredibly essential for your brain and body. Omega three polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential for the brain health.

Omega three polyunsaturated fatty acids cannot produce in the human body and can only obtain from food such as vegetables and fish. The structure and function of the brain will change throughout the adolescence period. Studies say that the lack of omega three fatty acids in adolescence can cause increasing the anxiety and also when individuals are young their performance in the intellectual exams will be too bad. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid is the acid required for the brain to repair itself should your body be short of a certain fatty acid. This fatty acid is responsible for building the myelin sheath of your brain. That furred surface on the outside constructed with myelin. The study was done in the rats to know the connection between the food and the function of the brain.Till the rats reach the teenage, they gave them with the controlled food.

When the rats reach the adolescence age, the researchers gave the food that doesn’t have the nutrition included and found that the function of the brain has damaged. In some part of the brain, the connection between the neurons lost. The study published in a journal of Neuro science. The study points to the importance of practicing the food that is nutritious and healthy to be smart and intelligent in the youth of an individual. It is very important to avoid or reduce having the processed food and junk food. Medical confirmed benefits by often eating fish; the fish is rich in protein, can help the growth of infants, children, and teenagers, sick or body has the wound, can also help recovery and healing. Fish contains less fat than meat, so the heat was lower than those of livestock meat.

Some of the other main advantages of eating fish are

  • Fish is rich in important nutrients that most people do not get enough of
  • May lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks
  • Contains nutrients that are crucial during the development of an individual
  • May increase gray matter in the brain and protect it from age-related deterioration
  • May help in preventing and treating of Depression and can make you a happier person
  • Fishes are one of the excellent sources of Vitamin D
  • Consumption of fish linked to reduced risk of autoimmune diseases, including Type 1 Diabetes
  • May help to prevent asthma in children
  • May protect your vision in old age
  • Fish may improve sleep quality
  • Fish is delicious and easy to prepare

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